As a veteran, I have great appreciation for our war heroes and all those who gave their life in military conflicts to protect our way of life.

Today’s health care workers are not much different as they confront the menacing virus that is COVID – 19.

Dr. Cliff Janke

So, with this post, I’d like to salute two of them – Doctors Cliff Janke and Raul Carrillo. Emergency room physicians, these two professionals are working tirelessly to protect society without much regard for their own safety. If you haven’t heard, the nation’s emergency rooms are the recipients for not only the gunshot wounds, heart attacks and car accidents, but also the COVID – 19 patients, who need to be hospitalized and don’t know anywhere else to go.

The problem is, unlike the enemy coming over the hill, you can’t see this virus coming. It’s a crap shoot every day you go to work. You save all these lives, but you’re in direct contact with the enemy. The sad thing is, if the health care worker gets knocked out by the virus, it’s going to tax an already super burdened healthcare system.

Thank God for people like that. We need more of them. Without them, large parts of our population would be decimated.

To that end, Cliff and Raul and all the others should be protected like our military, which goes into the battle with the best protective equipment. No expense should be spared.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our health care workers. Next time you see one, tell them how much you appreciate them.

We’re doing our part at Burns Funding for Cliff and Raul, by helping them simplify the financial picture through blanket loans and passive investment opportunities. That way, they can arrive at the front line with a clear mind about their own future, and tend to those who need help in the present.

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