I’ve started more than 150 businesses in my lifetime. So, it is easy to forget what it was like when I was “just starting out.” That’s why I keep an open-door policy with young entrepreneurs, who have a great idea, but may need a little advice along the way.

You can read more about my “one-on-ones” here.

Evan Palmer is a classic example of that young entrepreneur. I visited with Evan a little over a year ago and gave him some advice.

At the young age of 20, Evan reached back out to me the other day to let me know he is well on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Evan’s company is called Impact Software. It is a contracting firm that currently develops autonomous solutions in software for agriculture vehicles.

I asked one of my associates here at Burns Funding to reach out to Evan and ask him questions about our relationship and his journey. Here’s that interview:

Question: “So, let’s start with how you first met Peter.”

Answer: “Well, I found him on LinkedIn in 2019 and contacted him through there and very soon after he called me up.”

Q: “What was your situation at the time?”

A: “I hadn’t developed much of my business at all, wanted to develop my own company and so I started working with Peter who helped develop it more.”

Q: “How exactly did Peter help you to develop your ideas?”

A: “I always wanted to own my own company. Peter would say, ‘Rather than hit a home run, develop singles and doubles and that will lead to a successful game. Start small and sustainable.’”

Q: “OK, so he helped your business mindset and short and long-term goals?”

A: “Yes, we talked about scalability, and he’s been there through the process with encouragement and direction.”

Q: “What made Peter different than some other people you work with?”

A; “Well, he’s a true entrepreneur, he’s passionate, offers pro bono work, and has excitement towards helping others. He also has an immense amount of experience with many different companies and he’s a true entrepreneur since he’s never worked for someone else.”

Q: “It sounds like he’s very successful, yet still down to earth.”

A: “Yes, very humble and loves to offer motivation for others.”

Q: “Why would you recommend that other young entrepreneurs work with people?”

A: “Working with a mentor is a lot easier (than growing a business on your own). You’re going to struggle if you don’t have support. We rely on relationships to grow.”

Q: “Have you explored other ways in which Peter and his company, Burns Funding, can support your growth plans?”

A: “Yes. My company is still young, but once we get more off the ground, Peter has let me know how Burns Funding can help to reach my goals. I’m always looking to scale the company and continue to develop success.”

Q: “Evan, what’s the best part about being an entrepreneur?”

A: “The opportunity for creative freedom, not hindered by a company and a boss. You can develop your own identity and build your own success, but more importantly, you get to be yourself!”

Q: “I’d like to finish with this question: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?”

A: “Find somebody you can take guidance from and can (help) develop your company and cultural identity. Those people are who will help guide your success. Make the most of those relationships.”

If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea, but are stuck, reach out to me today and I’ll help you find the kind of success that Evan is experiencing.

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