Burn$ Funding, an emerging aggregator of non-traditional tools for securing growth capital, has announced its latest offering – blanket loans, or the consolidation of many loans into one all-encompassing note.

Blanket loans are ideal for entrepreneurs, who own and manage multiple properties, as well as passive investors, who have a full-time day job and many properties. There are countless benefits to the borrower, too numerous to fully address here.

But here are a few.

By consolidating many loans into one, you can free up capital that resides in the individual loans. This can also lead to interest expense savings, since the interest rates of some of the individual loans may be higher than what the rate would be on a blanket loan.

This solution also dramatically simplifies the borrower’s servicing of the loan, which is of great importance to passive income investors who are already busy with personal and business priorities.

Finally, the byproduct of using this product is typically a dramatically improved credit score, creating a multitude of other capital-raising opportunities for the entrepreneur or passive investor.

Burn$ Funding has access to a unique menu of banks and financial institutions that have enabled the company to emerge in 2019 as a powerful resource. In fact, a couple recent customers, both physicians, recognized Burn$ Funding for its speed and professionalism.

“Within weeks, Burn$ Funding consolidated the loans I had on multiple investment properties into one note at a very attractive rate,” said Dr. Raul Carrillo.

Dr. Cliff Janke, an emergency room physician in El Paso, was equally impressed.

“I had more than a dozen loans on properties that had been acquired over the past decade,” said Dr. Janke. “The note was very complex, and it required a great deal of work on the part of the Burn$ Funding team. Each step of the way, they exhibited a level of professionalism that was off the charts.”

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