Burns Funding, the alternative funding company that helps entrepreneurs and investors secure private capital to fund their businesses as well as embrace passive income opportunities, announced today that has secured funding for an IdeaPros Partner, TheBestWebsiteEver.com (TBWE)

The funding is the first of many that Burns Funding is expected to announce, after revealing this fall that it had formed a strategic alliance with San Diego-based IdeaPros, a business incubator and accelerator company, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs and startups turn their ideas into successful businesses.

IdeaPros provides a range of services to entrepreneurs, including product development, marketing, branding, and fundraising support. It typically partners with founders and takes an active role in building and growing the business.

IdeaPros has an interest in 400 businesses through its unique Partner/Co-Founder Program. Where Burns Funding comes in is helping the 100,000 fully vetted applicants, who simply need funding to make their start-up ideas a reality.

“We are off to the races,” said Peter J. Burns, III, the founder of Burns Funding. “Our unique funding approach will unlock tens of millions of dollars in capital for IdeaPros clients. I can’t think of a better company to initiate this funding exercise with than TheBestWebsiteEver.com.”

TBWE (https://tbwe.com/) is a unique advertising and prize-winning experience. It bills itself as “the one website you want to visit every day to increase your chances of winning great prizes from your favorite brands.”

Specifically, TBWE allows the world to decide who “The Best Evers” really are, and displays live results for everyone to see, Meanwhile, it guarantees that “users can and will win prizes simply for voting.” FREE Registration is offered to both voters and brands.

“We notify the brands you vote for when you ‘win’ (vote for them and beat the voting odds), giving brands the unique ability to thank or reward their true fans (you) for voting for them in any way they choose,” said Ray Maniaci, the CEO and Co-Founder of TBWE.  “Our site allows you to vote for things you truly love, want, and enjoy, knowing there’s always a chance you will win something directly from them.”

Maniaci said the funds coming from Burns Funding will support sales and marketing efforts by TBWE, dramatically expanding its footprint.

“This capital raised through Burns Funding’s program will be instrumental in helping us achieve our business objectives,” said Maniaci. “We finally have what we need to fully realize my dream as an entrepreneur.”

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