Burns Funding, the alternative funding company that helps entrepreneurs and investors secure private capital to fund their businesses as well as embrace passive income opportunities, announced today a strategic alliance with IdeaPros®.

San Diego-based IdeaPros is a business incubator and accelerator company, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs and startups turn their ideas into successful businesses.

It provides a range of services including product development, marketing, branding, and fundraising support. IdeaPros typically partners with founders and takes an active role in building and growing the business.

“This is a powerful alliance for Burns Funding, which will bring our unique alternative funding platform to thousands of entrepreneurs, who are having difficulty obtaining capital through conventional means,” said Peter J. Burns, III.

Burns added that he was impressed that IdeaPros and its interest in 400 businesses through its unique Partner/Co-Founder Program. Where Burns Funding comes in is with the 100,000 fully vetted applicants, who simply need funding to make their start-up ideas a reality.

IdeaPros was recently profiled in USA Today here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sponsor-story/frederick-cary/2021/06/09/ideapros-founder-offers-complete-solution-entrepreneurs-big-ideas/7600855002/

About Peter J. Burns III

Based in La Jolla, California, Peter J. Burns III grew up in a well-established New England family in New Canaan, Connecticut. He was briefly educated at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point, the University of Virginia (UVA), and finally Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents Management Program. While his two younger brothers went on to have successful business careers, Burns chose the life of a successful entrepreneur.

Burns started hundreds of businesses over the ensuing decades. He then moved to Arizona in the early 2000s and became a pro bono adjunct faculty member at the highly respected Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. In 2006, Burns took his teaching practice across town to Grand Canyon University and its entrepreneurial founder Brent Richardson, where the two men would launch the nation’s first College of Entrepreneurship at GCU.

In recognition of his work, Burns was honored by the Arizona chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America its Businessperson of the Year in 2007.

Shortly thereafter, Burns started Club Entrepreneur to bring entrepreneurs together in an “open-source entrepreneurship” platform. The Phoenix chapter attracted 10,000 members.

In 2016, Burns moved to the West Coast and started Burns Funding to help entrepreneurs secure hard-to-get funding for their businesses.

Taken as a whole, Burns says all the businesses have a “common thread”.

“Every business I start represents my desire to help existing and would-be entrepreneurs reach their full potential,” said Burns. “Too often, they give up because of a lack of capital. I set out to solve that problem and won’t rest until every entrepreneur who needs money can secure it.”

About IdeaPros

Founded by successful entrepreneur Fred Cary, IdeaPros offers the knowledge and support business owners need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. It offers end-to-end consultancy, with deep expertise in key business functions like marketing, product development, resource management, and manufacturing.

IdeaPros likewise offers mentorship to startup founders. Those interested may book an initial consultation at https://www.ideapros.com/start-now/

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