Burns Marketing and Hackney Publications announced today that Tate Grossman Kelly & Iaccarino, LLP (https://www.tgkilaw.com/) is sponsoring the newsletter Opioids and the Law, a bi-monthly electronic newsletter, as a way to raise awareness about the impact of the opioid crisis on American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native communities.

Subscriptions are complimentary and can be obtained by visiting: (http://opioidsandthelaw.com/#contact). Subscribers will receive the first issue, which was published last week.

David Grossman, one of the newsletter’s legal editors and a name partner of TGKI, noted that “It is important to inform those entities that have suffered an egregious economic impact from the irresponsible promotion and distribution of Opioids about what is taking place in the ongoing Multi-District Litigation.”

“Some of them have already retained a law firm, but the information coming from the firm is limited,” said Grossman. “Others have not yet retained legal counsel and are weighing whether to participate or not. We want to give them as much information as possible to keep them up to speed and help them make an educated decision.”

Mark Tate, a founding partner and lead litigator of TGKI, added that “time is of the essence” for municipalities, hospitals and Native American communities to decide if they will participate in the MDL.

A determination has already been made that the pharmaceutical companies are liable for damages.” said Tate. “However, the court has wisely afforded a very short period of time for those entities that have suffered economic damages to retain counsel.”

It is the role of Opioids and the Law to make sure these municipalities, hospitals and communities have the best possible understanding of what their options are, in order to make an informed decision.

Holt Hackney of Hackney Publications, who produces 12 legal newsletters, said TGKI is leading the way when it comes to representing these entities.

“Municipalities, hospitals and communities have gravitated to this law firm, which is why we are so excited about the partnership,” said Hackney. “By combining forces with TGKI, we’re able to provide a unique perspective about this pivotal moment in time.”

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