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Burn$ Funding provides a variety of credit repair, fixing and funding solutions for your clients. This is done either through our portal or as a bespoke “white label” service.

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Customized Funding Solutions For Your Clients


We provide bespoke funding solutions for your business at rates you can’t get elsewhere.


Credit Repair

We use moral and legal techniques to repair credit scores across all 3 bureaus.


Rapid Rescore

Why wait 30 days for the next reporting cycle after credit repair and enhancements? Our Rapid Rescore service gets this completed in 48 hours. This is for all consumer loans, not just mortgages.


Primary Credit Lines

Revolving primary credit lines available for purchase from 6 months to 5 years old up to $20,000.

Bridge Loans

Pay down existing credit using our $150,000 per week revolving bridge loan product. We pay down credit card balances up to 30% utilization – not the standard 45%

Shelf Corporations

Use our 5 – 10 year old shelf corporations with 6 AU tradelines, 3 primary tradelines, 80 paydex score with D&B, private funding and more.

Build Your Credit

Use the range of tools at our disposal to build your perfect credit structure.

Burn$ Funding has been designed by Peter J. Burns III for both businesses and direct consumers.

Peter is a serial entrepreneur that has been in business for over 4 decades and has started more than 150 businesses. See

During that time, funding has always been the stumbling block for so many entrepreneurs. That’s why Peter created Burn$ Funding – to provide financing and create resources to individuals and businesses at rates that can’t be beaten.

Seriously, try and find better options to those that we have to offer – you won’t find them anywhere else. Burn$Funding strives to give you the American Dream at a price you can afford.

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One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Each person’s credit is different. Each situation is unique. Our credit experts tailor the services to provide YOU with the best solution.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves:

Amount funded

Over $1BN funded in the last 14 years.

Credit repairs

Total number of credit repairs completed.


$500 million in our new Fintech product in the last 2 years.


Over 43 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Real Estate

$1BN in Real Estate and Improvements Line of Credit.


0% interest for the first 12 to 21 months on Consumer Financing.


We offer financing directly to your business or your clients’ business.For instance, you might be a financial business that wants to add one or more of our competitively priced products to your product line.Or, you might be a business that wants to add financing as an additional option for your customers. Imagine what they’d spend with you if you offered to loan them the money to do so.If required, we can offer our services as a “white label” solution.

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Get Qualified For Funding

In order to be qualified for funding, you must be using under 45% of your credit limit with each revolving line of credit or credit card. If you’re not there, don’t worry. We provide solutions for your credit difficulties! (don’t worry if you’re not there – we have solutions for that).


Update Balance

All three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion need to be updated with the new paid down balances of your credit cards before applying for funding or they will be declined on most or all applications. It can take up to 60 days before the credit bureaus update a your credit report.


Make Payments

Once you have achieved paying down those amounts on your cards to 45%, or ideally down to 30%, you will be ready to go through funding, with one exception…


Credit Score!

So…there are two options. You can wait for your credit score to be updated by the bureaus (which is what 99% of our competitors ask clients to do), or you can select the Rapid Re-score option. This is our unique bespoke service that we can get your credit updated in just 48 hours!

“What Burn$ Funding is doing is highly disruptive to an industry that was in need of this. For anyone that needs between $100,000 and $500,000, Burn$ Funding is a great place to start.”

Sue Malone

President, Strategies for Small Business

“Burn$ Funding enabled us to secure $200,000 in funding, which was enough to begin the manufacturing process for our flagship product. Before Burns Funding came along, we were relegated to approaching traditional banks, who had no interest in loaning us money.”

Richard Otto

"Burn$ Funding did an incredible job for me. They fixed my credit, did, provided a bridging loan to pay down my current balance and then did a rapid re-score. This all happened in the space of a week. I received $78k shortly afterwards to put into my business."

Jonathan Truebold

"I couldn't believe how much finance Burn$ Funding was able to raise for me. You have to try them and see for yourself."

William Robertson

"I've tried various funding sources over the years. Hands down, Burn$ Funding has better products and cheaper rates than them all. I don't know how they do it but it's incredible."

Tyler Lewis

Funding on steroids

Want an Extra $200K - $500K On Top Of Our Other Funding Strategies?

Ask us about our aged Shelf Corporations with clean and exemplary credit records.

Tax Mitigation

Want to know how our Cost Segregation strategy can save you thousands?

Ask us about our lesser-known IRS compliant Cost Segregation strategy.


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