We are excited to share that the California Business Journal has profiled us and our budding partnership with IdeaPros.

The article, “Burns Funding Forms Strategic Alliance With IdeaPros,” highlights how we have already funded two entrepreneurs participating in IdeaPros program – TBWE CEO and Co-Founder Ray Maniaci and Dr. Cliff Janke, suggesting that we are poised to have “a major impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.”

San Diego-based IdeaPros is a business incubator and accelerator company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and startups turn their ideas into successful businesses. Specifically, it provides a range of services including product development, marketing, branding, and fundraising support. IdeaPros typically partners with founders and takes an active role in building and growing the business.

It’s very gratifying to be profiled by a respected business publication like the California Business Journal. However, this is just proverbial tip of the iceberg, as we have hundreds of other funding events coming in 2024, something I alluded to in the article.

The article noted that while Burns Funding “has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dreams, there are tens of thousands of other would-be small business owners who can’t secure the funding that is required to engage IdeaPros.”

We have partnered with IdeaPros because of our unique value proposition, something I talked about in the article.

We have hundreds of private investors who have come to trust us and are willing to back that up with their capital. This attitude is in direct opposition to the reception that entrepreneurs receive from banks and other conventional lending sources.

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