Burns Funding, an alternative funding company started by serial entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III, has facilitated more than $350,000 in funding to Lindsey Head, a highly accomplished, award-winning Chief Financial Officer.

Head, who has worked with clients ranging from startups and large corporations, will use the funds to participate in Burns’ passive income program as well as fuel her own entrepreneurial ambitions.

After Burns discovered her on LinkedIn, Head had several in-person meetings with him before becoming comfortable with his model.

“I definitely asked a lot of questions at first, like how does this work?”, Head said. “What type of entrepreneurs do you work with? How are the funds put to work? And how does the business model play out going forward and who helps operate the e-commerce businesses?

“Obviously, it is a very interesting process. My creditworthiness is evaluated by their internal banking team, which is the first step in being considered for funding. After being qualified, their team proceeds with facilitating the funding process with their select lenders. Then I enter into a business agreement with Burns Funding, and we decide we are going to put this money to work in two vehicles that generate passive income and pay off the debt.”

Burns said he was impressed with Head’s business acumen and her questions.

“I have rarely encountered anyone like Lindsey, and the sheer breadth of the questions she had for me,” Burns said. “To have her participate in the program is a massive endorsement for what we are trying to do. She has also been privy to the early returns of the programs, which are impressive to say the least.”

Head, who was prestigiously recognized as the CFO of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal after being nominated four years in a row (2014-2017), admitted that the program “seems almost too good to be true.

“You qualify for the funds with their banking team, and then there is a guaranteed pay back agreement that is put into place with Burns Funding. However, you are putting your credit in their hands temporarily to show that you are a viable recipient of funding. It was important for me to become familiar with the process before proceeding as a participant. With any new venture, it’s essential to consider the outcome and opportunities; that is where visiting in-person with Burns’ team, and understanding his track record with this program came into play. Ultimately, I concluded that the goal is for this to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

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