If you’re looking to start a business, invest in a business, or otherwise generate income, there are a number of different ways to get funding. However, most of them are either very risky, or only viable for those who are already rich. Particularly in modern times, it’s difficult to get banks to loan money to anyone who doesn’t already have it. Or, you can borrow from elsewhere, at an interest rate so high you’ll never be able to pay it back. So how do you get the funding you need?

Burns Funding can help you. Our approach is available even to those who aren’t wealthy, and it won’t wipe you out trying to keep up with monthly payments or accruing interest. Here’s how Burns Funding is different from other methods.

Your Credit

When a bank evaluates you to decide whether or not to loan you money, they look at a number of factors, such as your credit history, your assets, your current income, the viability of your proposal, and more. And in this economy, their standards tend to be impossibly high. Even if you’re financially stable and have the ability to make the payments, you might still be turned down.

Burns Funding, on the other hand, looks at two things: your credit score and your income. To get the money, you’re borrowing against Burns Funding’s line of credit—a line of over $1.5 billion. As long as you have a FICO credit score of 700 or higher, with an income of at least $80,000 per year, you can borrow anywhere from $150,000 to $400,000.

And if your credit score isn’t high enough, Burns Funding can help with that too. With credit repair services, they can help get your score up where it needs to be, in a matter of weeks, rather than the months or years it usually takes. They can also help you get retested within 48 hours, rather than waiting the usual 30 days from the last time you got your score.

Using this method, we make it much easier for ordinary people to secure the funding they need.

A Partnership

Once you’ve got your money, then you need to pay it back. With a bank loan, that can take years, as interest accrues, eventually drowning you in an ocean of debt. That’s the other way that Burns Funding is unlike anything else out there: the cost to you to repay your loan is zero. How is that possible? Your investment venture is actually a partnership with Burns Funding.

It’s through our line of credit that you get the money, and we are the guarantor of the loan. All you provide is your good credit. With nearly five decades of business, financial, and entrepreneurial experience, Burns Funding knows how to spot a successful business and how to make investments pay off. With his help, the money generated from the investment is used to pay off the loan—then generates a passive income for you.

The money you get is invested into starting an online store: one that’s financially sound and has a good chance of turning a profit. Of course, no business venture turns a profit right away. While waiting for the business to become successful, the money for loan payments is generated using crypto bots. Then, once the store is successful, the money generated pays off the loan, generally within a year.

After that, whatever money you earn, you split with Burns Funding, 50/50. You get a substantial, passive income (on average $3,500 per month) for up to five years. At the end of that time, the business, which has greatly appreciated in value, is sold, and you and Burns Funding split the money. The result is a significant financial cushion, at no cost to you.

It may seem like magic, but it’s actually the result of Burns Funding’s decades of experience and connections in the world of finance and investment. That’s how Burns Funding can help put you on a profitable path in a way no other financial company can do.

Contact Burns Funding to learn more, and find out what we can do for you!

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