The recent collapse of bitcoin may scare a lot of business people, who have an interest in cryptocurrency. But it doesn’t scare California entrepreneur Rob Tepper.

That’s because Tepper recently availed himself of one of business guru Peter J. Burns III’s passive-income product for other would-be entrepreneurs.

Through his company Burns Funding, Burns combines two widely recognizable platforms – online stores and A.I.-powered crypto bots – to create a successful formula.

While the online stores component was recently highlighted here, the crypto bots are just as powerful, and have the same ability to buy out leveraged debt, ultimately supporting the start of other businesses for the participating entrepreneur.

“This process is unique,” Burns says. “Especially in how you repay your loan. No money comes out of your pocket. It’s paid back by two passive income sources we have put together. The combination is very powerful—two cash-flowing assets that pay all the bills.”

Case Study: A.I.-Powered Crypto Bots

Tepper is a believer. And even when BTC recently tanked, he didn’t panic. That’s because crypto bots are programmed to buy and sell as cryptocurrency values fluctuate on a daily basis, not whether the price goes up or down.

Recently, Tepper invested in a crypto bot that he said immediately began producing a return of 1.5 percent per day. At that rate, a $5,000 investment in this particular bot would turn into $26,000 net profit by the end of a year.

“Crypto bots make money every time the price ‘wiggles’ up or down,” noted Tepper. “Bots are programmed to sell a share of crypto at a price slightly higher than the purchase price.”

What about the profits?

“Bot-generated profits are not automatically reinvested,” he said. “You can choose to cash out of an investment or strategically reinvest. Some profits can be used to finance the initial investment.”

How It Works

Here’s how what Burns describes as the “Holy Grail of passive income” works.

First, Burns or a member of his team entertains a discovery call with the qualified applicant. Depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant, he or she might receive up to $200,000 in funds.

The capital comes from Burns Funding.  The firm has access to $1.5 billion debt capital that he can make available to select applicants. Thus, Burns Funding can lend the applicant the money to acquire the passive-income engines, which will fund the applicant’s own entr epreneurial endeavor.

“Many would-be entrepreneurs don’t realize how their credit profile can unlock inexpensive capital,” noted Burns.

In return to access to Burns Funding’s capital, the firm does take a 16 percent commission, leaving 84 percent to launch the businesses.

Initially, the full debt is supported by immediate cash flow from the crypto bots. That is usually the case for three to four months, until the online store’s cash flow begins to kick in and pay off the initial capitalization.

“These crypto bots make money every day and are hedged by a strategy that’s bullet-proof to market fluctuations,” said Burns. “The bots are managed by a third party (which takes a 20-percent fee).”

The online stores are also reliable. Initially managed by professionals, they ultimately become assets, after about two years, that can be resold, often for three times the initial purchase price.

“This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme,” Burns says. “It’s a real way to create passive income for residual wealth. This system is supported by industry leaders who are at the top of their respective fields.”

The bottom line: The passive-income that’s created can be transformed by you to build the business of your dreams or bolster a company you’ve already launched.

More than three dozen applicants are in various stages of the funding process, according to Burns, who expects many more to follow.

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