Many great business ideas are founded on the concept of disruption. Apply new technologies and/or methods to an old process to make something more economically efficient and you have a winner.

Burns Funding is predicated on this concept.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce another arrow in our quiver that is bound to create more capital for individuals that they can then turn around and invest in their respective businesses – Credit Building.

This service has the potential to revolutionize the business loan industry. Through our long-time partnership with Midas Financial, the established leader in credit repair services in Arizona, we are able to give people the ability to raise their credit score as much as 200 points in 60 days or less.

We accomplish this by leveraging our own proprietary relationships with creditors in concert with Midas’ resources to add select lines of credit that are proven to boost a person’s credit score.

“Our testing in 2019 has shown that by simply adding these personal credit lines to existing credit bureau reports that we can take a sub-600 score into the high 600s, and even into the 700s,” my good friend Darrell Hornbacher, President of Midas told me recently.

Credit Building provides two distinct benefits to the entrepreneur. First, the individual gets a capital boost from the Primary Personal Lines of Credit, which has been determined by Midas to positively impact one’s credit score.

Second, we can use that improved credit score with the lending partners of Burns Funding, who have come to trust that we will deliver dependable borrowers to them, and thus are willing to provide inexpensive capital.

This program can be extremely effective in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners get into our blanket loan program, where it offers both simplicity and cost savings, as all their loans are brought under one blanket loan.

To sign up for the program, visit the following link.

This new service made sense for us, especially in light of our long, established relationship with Midas and the fact that we are complimentary partners in terms of the services we each provide.

Take advantage of it today.

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